RPS Informational Meeting (New Applicants)

Hasbrook Bldg, Marion County Public Health Dept.


The Marion County Public Health Department is seeking Proposals for Professional Services for service provision under the Ryan White Part A/MAI Program for funding cycle 2020-2022. Funding is offered under two distinct funding categories; Part A HIV Services with anticipated available funding of $3,706,167 and MAI (Minority AIDS Initiative) with anticipated available funding of $262,385. The purpose of Part A funding is to provide direct financial assistance to a Transitional Grant Area (TGA) “that has been severely affected by the HIV epidemic”. The purpose of MAI funding is to “improve HIV- related health outcomes to reduce existing racial and ethnic health disparities”. The TGA identified priority MAI populations are African Americans and Hispanics. The Budget for 2020-2021 is to be for a 12-month period. This will be the second 12-month period for this 3-year contract. Future funding may be conditioned upon the successful completion and submission to HHC of annual progress reports detailing goals and objectives and fiscal utilization of funds. Proposals will be accepted in accordance with the schedule set out in the enclosed proposal guidelines. Please note that forms are included which are required to be submitted with a funding request. Grant funds will be available March 1, 2020.

Proposals must be received no later than 12:00P.M. (Noon), January 28, 2020. You may mail or hand-deliver one complete original proposal along with four (4) copies to:
Michael Butler, Director
Ryan White HIV Services Program
Marion County Public Health Department
2951 East 38th St., Suite 203
Indianapolis, IN 46218

It is essential that all requested information is received by the deadline date and time. Proposals received after the deadline will not be considered for funding.

If you have questions regarding this request for proposals, please contact:
Michael Butler, Director
Ryan White HIV Services Program
Marion County Public Health Department
Please feel free to share with agencies in your area or service region.


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